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Together we can all help each other learn and energize the field of design for generations to come. Our platform is focused on helping you improve, everyday.

The goal of our non-profit is to educate and equip designers all around the world to grow in to design leaders. While there are a number of really amazing websites & products for designers, none are dedicated to helping you grow in your career. Our hope is that overtime we can be a trusted resource as you progress in your career, and will be an active contributor on our platform to help others learn from your experiences!

Together we can all help each other learn and energize the field of design for generations to come.

Our Products



Mentoring is one of the most powerful ways we can learn & grow as individuals. We believe that everyone deserves access to a mentor to help guide their career, we are building a global mentoring network.

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We want to make sure every person in our platform community has a safe place to receive feedback from the group and provide a way to poll or survey for data collection. We will also hold live AMA sessions with industry experts to answer career or craft related questions.

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We want to provide a free place to post open design positions and one-time projects in your organization. Often times it can be cost prohibitive for small (or even large) design teams to post opportunities in many locations.

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We want to create a list of design events around the world, from small meetups to major conferences! There are a large number of places to look for events, but if you don't know where to look, chances are you'll miss 'em. Our event board will let you search and filter events all over the world.



Have you ever tried to find a new design podcast to listen to? Look no further, we are building a comprehensive catalog of all the incredible podcasts that are already out there. Anyone from the community can submit new feeds to share with others.



The goal of the Courses app is to provide mentor led, best of class online learning courses and bootcamps for our platform community.



The goal of the Resources app is to build a curated library of content for how to get started in design and how you can grow as a designer.

Interested to Volunteer?

Are you passionate about helping grow and educate the design community, but haven't been able to find a way to get involved? Look no further, we are looking for passionate people to volunteer time to help in the areas listed below! Whether you can contribute one hour a week, or 10+ you play a pivotal part in helping us turn Designed.org into a vital resource for the future of design.

• Web Designers

• Identity/Brand Designers

• UX & Product Designers

• Art Directors

• Researchers

• Marketing / Social Media Managers

• Community Managers

• Full-stack Engineers

Are you ready to get involved?