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We empower the designers of tomorrow through educational tools and mentoring. We are the only 501(c)(3) non-profit building a career growth platform focused on designers.

Our Vision

Be the global career growth platform for designers and design leadership.

Our Values


We prioritize opportunities to teach and grow.


We approach every interaction with empathy and humility.


We recognize that we all have the capacity to motivate and inspire.


We develop and provide the most relevant and innovative tools and resources.


We will responsibly prepare the next generation of design leaders.

Our Board of Directors

We are a group of long time designers that are passionate about helping grow and educate the design community. While there are any great independent resources scattered about, there is no place dedicated to help educate and inform those looking to entire the design field. It is our goal to make this community-based app a premiere educational resource for designers to network and have a central repository of career opportunities, events and much more.

Our Contributors

A non-profit organization is only as good as the volunteers it is able to recruit to donate their time to help build our vision. We have been incredibly fortunate to find volunteers all over the world that want to support the mission and vision of Designed. Below are some of the integral members that have made signficant contributions to our platform!

Founders Club

Steven Schneider


  • Adam

    Adam Sadowski

  • Amy

    Amy Parke

  • Alex

    Alex Tran

  • Andy

    Andy Santana

  • Juliana

    Juliana Schwartz

  • Lu

    Lu Yang

  • Martina

    Martina Zahradnikova

  • Miguel

    Miguel Alvarez

  • Romeo

    Romeo Martinez

  • Sarabeth

    Sarabeth Perry

  • Wei


  • Ann

    Ann ChiChi

  • Brian

    Brian Contreras

  • Brian

    Brian Tanner

  • Catherine

    Catherine Shen

  • Daniel

    Daniel Andor

  • Lynnsey

    Lynnsey Schneider

  • David

    David Anderson

  • Emily

    Emily Wang

  • Evelyn

    Evelyn Luu

  • Feb


  • Joann

    Joann Feng

  • Bradley

    Kaylin Rochford

  • Mariano

    Mariano Avila

Interested to Volunteer?

Are you passionate about helping grow and educate the design community, but haven't been able to find a way to get involved? Look no further, we are looking for passionate people to donate time to help in the areas listed below! Whether you can contribute one hour a week, or 10+ you play a pivotal part in helping us turn into a premiere resource for the design community.

Web Designer

Identity/Brand Designer

UX & Product Designer

UX Researcher

Marketing / Social Managers

Community Managers

Front/Back/Full-stack Engineers

Are you ready to get involved?